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Ode to Design


I love all forms of artistic expression, especially poetry.  This is a poem I wrote as an ode to design, circa 2005. Enjoy.

My design is “freesh” and unique,
The tree from which flows my creative energy.
It’s like my conceptual poetry.
Sometimes don’t know what’s come over me.
Design symptoms never flee; they live in me,
Runnin’ through my veins like the blood that sustains me.
Me—well my goal is a story untold,
But I want a spirit that’s bold
To shine my light which never gets old.
And so, I strive to be the best I can be,
Inspiring others who may be empty
To see what they cannot see;
Faith to know that art can change the world,
Not a utopian ideal
But a reality that’s real.
Believe, look, see, and feel
That we can change things for the better with design, and still
Be successful knowing that we remained true— 
true to ourselves, true to the world, true to the future that dwells in you.
Planting the seed that needs water free of negative impurities
The time is now to elevate and set the stage
For a new design movement that’s gonna turn the page.
As we learn to "think wrong,"
our minds become strong-er than they were.
From precedence I infer,
but am not limited to,
in whatever I do
with these dreams I pursue.